Leeds OPP Officer Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charge

A Leeds County OPP officer has pleaded guilty to assault.

54 year old Constable George Duke accepted the charges yesterday (September 13th) which stemmed from a traffic stop with an elderly man back in September of 2015.

The incident began with Duke responding to a minor rear end collision during a traffic jam on the 401 in Elizabethtown-Kitley.

The man responsible for the accident was the elderly man listed in the assault charges, a 78 year old from Montreal.

Duke was reportedly disrespectful and threatening in his confrontation with the elderly man, he also cuffed him extremely tight, kicked his legs and didn't read him his rights or inform him he was under arrest.

 As a result of the charges Duke will now have a criminal record, he was also ordered to pay a $500 fine and reimburse the victim for gas money and a towing fee.

He is now waiting for a disciplinary hearing from the OPP.

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