Leo Boivin Arena Closed After Black Mold Discovery

Prescott's Leo Boivin Arena will be closed for the next couple of weeks because of mold.

An unacceptable level of black mold was discovered throughout the facility during a full inspection as part of the town's asset management plan.

The mold was also found to be air-born, which is when is starts to become a health hazard for people.

The arena will remain closed for at least two weeks while it undergoes phase one of the cleaning process which is basically washing down the entire facility.

Phase 2 will be done over the summer and will be much more extensive involving the removal and replacement of the canvas wrap and fiberglass insulation within the building, investigating the source of  any water leaks, then hiring a contractor to fix any problems that are discovered. 

The entire process is expected to cost the town over $700,000.

Additional air testing will be done after both cleaning phases to make sure the arena is safe to be used.

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