Lessons Have Been Learned, says Tiki Coach

Brockville Tikis head coach Andrew Dickson says he's upset about the season coming to a quick end, but is "making it through."

Speaking with Harper Cotie on BOB FM, following their game four loss on Tuesday, Dickson attributes the successful year to the team themselves.

"All in all for a team that has never had any playoff experience I thought our kids came out and fought hard," he says. "Hopefully they learned something from it and I hope they have something to move on in the future."

Despite a successful regular season which saw 16 more wins overall than the previous year, the Tikis couldn't quite get hold of the Perth Blue Wings, falling 3-1 in their final game of the first playoff round. Dickson says he'll work on improving 'discipline' next season.

When putting the team together at the start of the year, Dickson says it went beyond skill level for him.

"[If the players have] good character it makes it easy as a coach," Dickson explains. "We walked in on day one to preach what I know, and the kids bought in. I think the results speak for itself."

Dickson was named head coach of the year by the CCHL2.