Lights, Cameras, Can Lead To Action in Brockville, Says Oliver

Mark Oliver says if elected mayor he wants to bring the film and television industry to Brockville.

He says between the restaurants, waterfront, and historic buildings "we have everything that production companies are looking for, and I have a plan to get them here."

Oliver has reached out to Ontario Creates, an agency of Ontario’s Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, which has offered to create a new profile on the city to attract the industry.

Oliver says he's also been in touch with Mississippi Mills, which has it's own thriving industry in Almonte.

"They just finished wrapping up and filming a movie there, and over three weeks the spend by the production company in their community is over $100,000," he says. "That’s including rentals, [bed and breakfasts] and food, but it doesn't include the money the crew spends as well when they’re in town."

He says he was inspired after visiting Hamilton, Ont. and seeing Netflix' Black Mirror filmed there and the cast and crew walking about having dinner and spending their money.

The film industry added over 30,000 new jobs and $1.6-billion to the province's economy last year and he says Brockville can be a part of that. Oliver says this is a unique area that film industries can use.

"Brockville is beautiful, and has a small heritage downtown," he says. "And close proximity to Ottawa, and that's exactly what companies are looking for.”

Voters head to the polls on October 22.