Local Entrepreneur Receives Leadership Award From The BWB

A local entrepreneur says she's honoured to be the recipient of the Sue MacLaurin Leadership Award.

Ashley Hill is a Certified Athletic Therapist and the owner of Podium Sports Therapy and Wellness Center. Since buying the business in 2015, it has grown from just two people - her and a office manager - to a team of 12.

She says she has three bits of advice people looking to succeed in the business world.

"Build a support team, [and] take care of yourself, whether it's nutrition, exercise, but take care of you. Take time for yourself," says Hill.

"The other one is collaborate don't compete. Not everything has to be about competition, not everyone has to be a competitor. It's ok to collaborate."

She bought Podium three years ago when she was just 25 years old. It helps professional and recreational athletes, as well as those recovering from injury and surgery, or in need of physical therapy.

Hill says it's still surprising to some people when they find out that she, a woman, is the sole owner of the business. It even happened recently, she said she laughed it off.

The Sue MacLaurin Leadership Award is presented each year by The Brockville Women in Business. In a press release the group says she's a role model.

"Ashley can be counted upon to lead with purpose, and follow her passions enthusiastically, all with a fun-loving approach to life."

Hill says her leadership skills start with 'treat others as you'd like to be treated.'

"When I originally bought the place I focused a lot on the team and developing the team," she explains. "Making sure we all get along and have a positive environment to come to and work in.

"I don't want to come to work and have a negative time nor do I want the team to have a negative time. Because that's not good for the clients in the end either."

Hill received the award on International Woman's Day.