Local Health Unit Joins Call For Banning Pot Smoking In Apartments

The local health unit is throwing its support behind the call to ban smoking in apartments, condos and even balconies.

The province wants to ban smoking pot in common areas of apartment buildings.

Yves Decoste, the tobacco program coordinator with the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit, thinks the government should go further saying units themselves should also be off-limits.

"It goes right back to your window, or depending on the wind blows, your neighbors place, or upstairs or downstairs. That's why the ministries has put in a nine meter radius at sports fields, to playgrounds for children, just because it does carry.

He says second-hand smoke can travel between units through ventilation systems and windows.

"We still don't know how safe the use of electronic cigarettes are, and as far as second hand smoke, we know that there are hazards with second hand smoke both from tobacco or from cannibis use."

The recommendation by the Ottawa public health unit extends to medicinal marijuana and tobacco as well as vaping products.

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