Local Students Invited To Fulford Open House

Fulford Academy is getting ready to open it's doors for possible future students to take a look inside it's halls.

This is the second year the area's boarding school has been taking local students, between grades 6 to 12.

Admissions officer Steve Joudoin says they offer classes to kids who need to be challenged

"We are a STEM+A school, so we focus on science, technology, engineering, mathematics and the arts," he explains. "And we offer a rigorous program, so I think for those types of students Fulford is definitely an option."

Joudoin says they also have smaller class sizes for kids who feel more comfortable in that setting.

Parents will be able to ask their questions right there and then. 

"When it comes to different things like academics, curriculum, finances or athletics, we have people from all departments there to answer those questions," Joudoin explains.

The Fulford Academy Open House is on Thursday, May 9, from 4-7pm.