Manoll's Goes Back In Time To Celebrate 85 Years In Business

The owner of Manoll's say's she's blown away by the support of the community as the fish and chips shop celebrates a big milestone.

The local Brockville staple celebrated 85 years in business on Thursday, offering five cent chips like they did when they opened the shop at 11 Buell St back in 1934.

Owner Anna Trakas's parents ran the shop for 47 years after taking it over from the Manoll's themselves.

Trakas says it's the memories that are made that make it so special.

"The kids that used to go to St. Francis used to run over to get their fries, or the families that would do it every Friday night. I had one man tell me his first solid foods were fish and chips, and he keeps coming back," she says of the memories she's heard of.

"It's wonderful to know that memories are created after all these years."

She says it's been a wonderful three years of owning it herself.

"Any business through highs and lows, and if you're attentive to your customers they'll always come back."

And while she doesn't think she'll be around to reach 100 years, Trakas says she looks forward to owning the shop for years to come.