Massive Multi Vehicle Collision Closes 401 After Chemical Spill

It was a scary scene on the 401 yesterday afternoon (March 14th) after  Emergency personnel organized a “mass casualty response” due to a multi vehicle collision which led to a chemical spill.

The collision happened along the 401's westbound lanes between  Lansdowne and Mallorytown at approximately 2:00pm, it involved at least 30 vehicles including 7 tractor trailers.

During the event one of the transport trucks began leaking a specific type of acid known to be highly toxic and corrosive.

This is what prompted the mass casualty response and forced emergency personal to transport victims of the crash to impromptu decontamination sites.

29 patients were admitted to Kingston General hospital with various injuries.

So far only 1 casualty has been reported, as one of the transport drivers died on his injuries in hospital.

The chemical spill was contained around 5:15pm, however A 50 metre safety perimeter has been established around the scene , and both directions of Highway 401 will remain closed until the scene has been completed cleaned and deemed safe for the public.