Michelle Taylor Named Federal NDP Candidate

Michelle Taylor has been named the NDP nominee ahead of a federal by-election in the riding.

She says she’s thrilled.

"I believe many in our riding are feeling let down by the governing Liberals who promised so much and have delivered little," she explains.

In a statement on Sunday, she says she believes in the NDP's plan.

"Ensuring that Canada is a welcoming place to those in need and respectful of human rights, a safe place where we can all prosper in health and economic growth, and where nobody is left behind.”

Her list of priorities includes the environment and immigration, both files she feels the Liberals have failed on. She also feels the Conservative Party “overblow” the issue of refugees and asylum seekers.

The Conservatives will be represented by Michael Barrett, who won the nomination in a five-way race in August.

Speaking to JRFM, Taylor expressed concern that Barrett "seems to be aligning himself with members of his party who I feel are kind of the worst at these dog-whistle politics that his party seems to be playing."

That includes Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel, who will be in town on September 19th for an event with Barrett.

"What she's saying isn't factual; she's determined to call them illegal asylum seekers when they're not. That's not a matter of opinion that's just fact," she says. "By continuing to do so I find, again, it's just more of the dog-whistle politics we don't need as a country."

Taylor has also represented the NDP in the last provincial election; she says she's learned a lot.

"I hope people see me, personally, as a candidate who is willing to sit and listen to people of varying opinions," she says. "If I'm to be elected, and I hope I am, I will be representing everybody."

This is the latest major party candidate to be named ahead of the yet-to-be-called federal by-election. It is set to happen later this year after the late Gord Brown, the Member of Parliament for Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands Rideau Lakes, passed while in office.

The Green Party has named Lorraine Reckman’s as their candidate. However, the Liberal Party has yet to officially name theirs.

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