MPP Clark Calls For PC Party To Rally Behind Ford

Doug Ford is the new -- and now undisputed -- leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives.

But it wasn't without a weekend of complications.

After initially refusing to concede for almost a day -- fellow candidate Christine Elliot is acknowledging Doug Ford's victory this morning.

Leeds—Grenville MPP Steve Clark says the party infighting needs to stop, and congratulates Ford on his win.

"He certainly proved during the campaign that he was a tireless worker, stood up for people that have lost jobs and really lost hope after 15 years of Liberal scandal, waste and mismanagement."

The PC MPP calls on all members to focus on beating Kathleen Wynne in the provincial election on June 7.

"The new leaders going to have to meet with his candidates and his caucus, [he's] going to have to develop a platform to move forward in the election," says Clark. "I focus on local issues, pocketbook issues, trying to get some growth in the area, trying to get some growth in the education system. We'll work with the new leadership and move forward in the election."

After a long review of the balloting on Saturday, party officials announced Ford had narrowly defeated former provincial legislator Christine Elliott on the third ballot.

At the time, Elliot had called for an investigation into what she called "serious irregularities" in the vote.


- With files from the Canadian Press.