New Council To Decide Brockville Pot Fate

As the legalization of cannabis approaches, it falls on the city to figure out the nitty gritty.

With the municipal election happening a few days after online sales begin, Mayor David Henderson says it will be up to the new council to decide what to do and what is best for Brockville.

He says as it gets closer to the legalization date they’re still learning new information, like roadside tests.

"It's difficult to anticipate or to try and put in plans until those rules and regulations are defined," he says. "So you could have a debate about whether you want it or not at all, but that is a difficult debate to have until you know what those rules are."

Online sales will start on Wednesday, October 17, and stores will open as of April 22 in municipalities. Municipalities have a one-time chance to opt-out of shops within their boundaries.

Henderson doesn't think the city should shy away from the new market though. He says he expects some to end up on King St. and points to stores already setting up in the city.

"It's a reality that is going to be there," he says. "I think it's going to be a matter of whatever facilities are in place are not near schools, not near daycares, but it was noted the other day that we have a beer store right next to two schools, so there's a little bit of a feeling out period in how these rules and regulations roll out."

Only one of the mayoral candidates haven't expressed public support for allowing pot shops in the city. Kelly Cole says she will be consulting with residents before making a decision.