New Term Begins For Brockville Council

Brockville’s new municipal government took their seats at the council table for the first time last night as councillors were sworn in Monday.

Brockville City Councillor Matt Wren, who's one of those new to the council table, says it's been a learning curve already.

"We've got some big items to deal with right away," he says. "We've already started the budget process, and former Mayor David Henderson and the previous council were kind enough to include the newly-elected council into that process and participate.

"We've got our feet wet a little bit but we've got a lot of work to do on that."

Wren is one of three completely new faces on council. Four members are returning, while councillor Larry Journal is returning after several years away.

Brockville City Council will waste no time, with the new council meeting Tuesday night.

Councillor Nathalie Lavergne agrees and says the budget will be one of the biggest things to tackle right away.

"It's going to be 'ok, here it is, let's read it', do we agree on everything, do we move some stuff," she says. "We've got questions, I've got questions, so we're going to ask those questions and then move on."

Also being sworn in for the first time is new Mayor Jason Baker. In his opening address he said he felt encouraged by the new council.

“People in this city can sometimes look around and see the glass half-empty,” he explains. Instead, he asked council to "see all it can become" and work together.

Council will hold its first official meeting Tuesday at 7pm.