New Truck Rest Stop Looks To End Exhausted Transport Drivers

A new truck stop near Gananoque hopes to put an end to tired drivers.

The province has officially opened a new rest area on the 401 Westbound through the town.

Leeds and the Thousand Islands Mayor Corinna Smith-Gatcke says she's happy about the new development. She says regulated truck driving finding space to take their breaks can be an issue, when the parking lots are full at the Mallorytown ONRoute.

She says that sometimes transports will just park on the side of the road.

"That becomes a hazard to all types of traffic. The rest stops are a great place for them to get the rest they need in a safe, timely fashion."

Smith-Gatcke says she expects this to help with trucks avoiding travelling during serious weather as well.

There have been calls for a widening of the highway to six lanes across Eastern Ontario, Smith-Gatcke says that it's enough "for the time being."

"I would suspect over time we'll probably have to widen it, just because of the use of the actual highway," she says. "But for now the rest stop is a great way for us to increase the safety, not just for the trucks, but for the cars that use the highway on a daily basis."

In a statement United Counties Warden Pat Sayeau praised the move by the provincial Transport Minister Jeff Yurek.  

"Adding this rest area is an important step to making this part of the highway safer for all commercial vehicle drivers and road users."