Nor'easter Edges Brockville Bringing Snow Back

Brockville is getting the edge of the nor'easter storm surging through the U.S. and up into the Maritimes, says Environment Canada.

Meteorologist Geoff Coleson says - it may feel more wintery than we have had the last few weeks - but the snow isn't something to be worried about here.

"It is going to be areas more to the east of Brockville, down into New York State and parts of New England, that are going to get the brunt of this storm," he says. "What we are going to see in the Brockville area is this steadier snow Tuesday night into Wednesday. Generally a light snowfall for a number of hours."

Temperatures are expected to hover around the freezing mark through March Break and snow pick back up into the end of the month.

"We can expect to get snowfall in the Brockville area right through the month of March, and some cases into the first part of the month of April," says Coleson. "So the weather in and of itself not all that unusual, but certainly the variations in temperature and how dramatic those variations have been have been the big story so far this winter."

Looks like parents can plan winter activities for kids through March Break.