OPP Arrest Man on 30 Criminal Charges

The OPP have arrested a man they think is responsible for a rash of crime in North Grenville.

Officers arrested 35 year old Brian Workman and have charged him with a number of offenses related to several crimes over the month of May.

He is facing 30 charges in total...

  • Arson - damage to property
  • Seven counts of break and enter - commit an indictable offense
  • Four counts of break and enter - intent to commit an indictable offense
  • Four counts of possession of stolen property
  • Eight counts of theft under $5,000 from a motor vehicle
  • Three counts of theft under $5,000 of a motor vehicle
  • Theft over $5,000 of a motor vehicle
  • Two counts of fail to comply with an undertaking
  • Trespass by night

Workman is currently being held for bail.

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