OPP Kept Busy With Surge of Stunt Drivers Over the Weekend

Apparently a lot of people were in a hurry over the weekend as OPP officers were forced to stop eight different stunt drivers on local streets and highways.

The rash of stunt drivers began on Friday (September 8th) along the 401 where a 19 year old Scarborough man was booked for going 51 km/hr above the speed limit.

On Saturday (September 9th) two more were stopped; one on the 401 the other on Highway 15 with speeds in excess of 60 and 55 km/hr over the limit.

Then from Sunday (September 10th) to yesterday (September 11th) five more stunt drivers were pulled over along the 401, with speed violations ranging from 50 to 65 km/hr over the limit.

The drivers aged from 18 up to 63 all had their vehicles impounded for a week and have court dates set in Brockville.

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