OPP Perform High Risk Take Down on 401

The OPP performed a high risk takedown this past weekend.

The incident occurred early Sunday morning (August 13th) along the 401 at Joyceville Road, just east of Gananoque.

Cops had been on the lookout for a white Jeep Patriot heading eastbound on the 401 near Kingston.

They had been informed the driver was a man wanted in a domestic assault case in Toronto who may also be carrying a gun.

When the vehicle was spotted both Forentenac and Leeds OPP were able to subdue two suspects in the vehicle without any incident.

One man was identified as the suspect in the domestic dispute from Toronto; the other was his brother.

Upon search of the vehicle police discovered a hand gun along with two kilograms of cocaine.

The brothers from Edmonton aged 28 and 23 received a number of weapons charges while also being charged with drug possession and trafficking offenses.

They were held for a bail hearing Brockville.

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