P&G Donates $450K To Build New Pavilion At Rotary Park

The work isn't done for the Brockville Winter Classic, despite the announcement of a new pavilion being put in at Rotary Park.

On Friday, Proctor and Gamble presented the Brockville Winter Classic Committee, who fundraises for the parks revitalization project, with a $450,000 cheque for the construction of the multi-use facility.

The pavilion is expected to be built by the end of December, which would also be in time for the next Brockville Winter Classic Weekend in February 2020. The building will host a Zamboni room, washrooms and a covered spectator area.

Committee member Jeff Severson says he's excited, because this takes a six-year goal and condenses it to six months.

"This is wild," he says. "Absolutely wild."

The final cost to build the pavilion hasn't been determined, organizers will put it out to tender over the next few weeks.

Construction will hopefully begin around end of September. The structure will go where the playground is currently located. That will be moved to a new location but not taken out of the park all together.

Severson says the money from P&G will cover the majority of building the facility, with funds they've been saving from previous Winter Classics covering the rest.

As for how this changes their goal, Severson says the group is always looking at improvements for the park, including buying a Zamboni and a score clock.

"Our goal is to build a world-class facility, that is free for our youth, and our seniors," he says. "We'll still keep doing it and if we have raised enough money that this project is done, well then we'll find something else to raise money for."

P&G says they're excited to have it for the community before the plant shuts down next year. Plant manager Mutazz Akour says the company wanted to leave a legacy behind.

"To really remember keep remembering P&G as a company of values, that really helped the community through 40 years of their journey here," he says.

He also hopes it will serve as an example for future companies in the area, "to keep contributing to the community while they're still in business.”

Akour says the decision to donate the money for the pavilion was because it's an inclusive project that everyone can benefit from, as well as encouraging sport and vibrant living.