Pair of Drunk Driving Incidents Lead to Collisions

A couple of recent drunk driving collisions should remind the public that impaired driving is never a good idea

The first incident took place in Prescott early Sunday morning (August 20th) around 2:30am. That is when officers attended a motor vehicle collision along King Street West.

Cops discovered a Hyundai Elantra had struck an unoccupied parked vehicle. 

The driver was identified as a 23 year old male from Edwardsburgh Township. 

He was charged with impaired driving and has a court date set for September 15th

Then early yesterday morning (August 21st) around 3AM a 57 year old Brockville resident was arrested for impaired driving after he drove his e-bike into a fence on Central Ave.  

He later provided breath samples that were almost 4 times the legal limit.

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