PC's The One Ready To Govern "On Day One", Says Clark

Steve Clark says his is the party prepared to run the province following the election.

The Progressive Conservative candidate for Leeds—Grenville—Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes  says he understands there are some that don't trust party leader Doug Ford but he believes in the PC plan.

Clark says that those around Ford are prepared to run the government 'on day one.'

"You have to look at the team that will govern from a government," he says. "And I believe that if Doug Ford, and myself and the PC's become the government on June 7th we'll be ready to go."

Clark points to Fords promise to find efficiencies, implement tax cuts for the middle class, and focus on business growth as part of the platform voters are reacting positively to on the campaign trail.

"We have to have a government that realizes that many of our industries locally have been woo-ed by the United States. When I go into a business and see that they can power at get 2-and-a-half cents a kilowatt hour in Messina (New York), that's a big problem," says Clark.

"We need the Ontario government and the new government to be open for business, and to work with job creators, to get people working."

Clark says if re-elected he would look to supporting entrepreneurs, skilled trades and tourism in Leeds-Grenville.