Police Apprehend Man in Connection With Mac's Convenience Store Robbery

It was a strange coarse of events that led Brockville Police to arrest a man in connection with the robbery at the Brockville Mac's Convenience store last week.

It was around 4am yesterday morning (September 14th) when Brockville police received a call about a man making some odd comments about the contents of his backpack.

The man was located by police at Hardy Park and he proved to match the description of the man who had threatened a store clerk and stole two packs of cigarettes last Friday (September 8th).

The suspect was only identified as a 31 year old man with no fixed address.

Detectives are still looking to speak to witnesses who were near the King street Mac’s Milk on Friday around 11pm.

Specifically they would like to interview a male customer who spoke with the store clerk immediately after the Friday robbery. 

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