Police Chief Still Waiting On Drug Training Answers

The Brockville police chief says as the clock ticks down on marijuana legalization, the department is still in the dark on how they will get officers trained in time.

"We're stuck with still more questions than answers."

Scott Fraser says more Drug Recognition Experts need to be added, which requires training officers.

That can only be done in two locations: Arizona and Florida.

Fraser says they still don't know how many Brockville officers are going to be trained over larger cities.

"They have to go to the United States. We have one drug recognition officer right now. In order to train four, five, six more, you know it's a two week course, plus a week down in Jacksonville or Phoenix," says Fraser. "That's what we're just kind of asking."

If a driver is suspected of drug impaired driving during a road side test, a Drug Recognition Expert is brought in.

Brockville currently only has one, and that kind of training takes time and money.

"They don't think that far down the line, because in Toronto they may have two hundred officers or 500 or a thousand that will be trained," he says. "In rural Ontario, you just physically can't have every single officers trained unless they want to pay for it. Then we would."

Frasier says, yes the province has promised funds, but they still don't know how many will receive the training.

"Nobody knows who's getting it -- are we going to get just a little bit? Are we going to get enough to train all of our officers, you know, when you're dealing with thousands and thousands of police officers across Canada and only two locations that can do the training there's not even any training in Canada."

Fraser says if they only have two qualified officers in the end, the taxpayers then become on the hook for overtime hours.