Prescott-Ogdensburg Ferry Project Held Up By US Border Officers

Ogdensburg and Prescott say they are working hard to get a small ferry boat up and running for the summer long weekends.

The ferry boat would hold about a dozen passengers and their bikes, allowing people to move between the two countries for the Founders Day and our August long weekend.

Prescott Mayor Brett Todd says Canadian Border officials have offered officers for free.

"We would have a couple of officers in Prescott, during the hours of operation to process visitors," explains Todd.

Todd says they're hoping for U-S Homeland Security and US Customs to provide something similar. But that seems to be a sticking point for them.

Despite support from Ogdensburg City Council, which passed a motion this week to work closely with Prescott Council on the project, US Customs officials are looking for border "enhancements." Todd says that seems to involve essentially creating another border and paying for more officials to man the entry point.

"One of the reasons we went over [to see Ogdensburg City Council] is really trying to get the message out, we're not talking about huge numbers of visitors particularly over those weekends." 

Todd says supporters of the project on both sides of the St. Lawrence will continue to push for the pilot-project launch date in five weeks.