Prescott Says Replacing Leo Boivin A Priority

Prescott says building a new arena for the town is 'very much a priority.'

Last month the rink in the Leo Boivin Community Centre was forced to shut down because of an ammonia leak.

The Town's Economic Development Officer Dana Valentyne says a lot of individuals and businesses have been asking how they can help start to raise money.

"The financial aspect will be the biggest dictator of the progress that we're able to make," she says. "Any support that we can get from the community in regards to the fundraising effort is really going to go a long way."

Valentyne says the upcoming muncipal elections will not deterr any efforts to replace the rink.

"The muncipality will be exploring potential funding options, as well as exploring potential sites in the area, as well as necessary studies," she says.

Valentyne says local businesses, including Windmill Brewery, have already come forward with ideas for events to raise money. She says anyone with any ideas can contact her by email.

She says the township hasn't reached out to those running the GoFundMe Page but thinks it's a great idea.

"It's something thats generated a lot of interest," she says. "We're really happy to see a member of the community, who's passionate about the community centre take the lead on this."

If you're looking to make an individual donation you can either visit or send your donations to the townhall at 360 Dribble St. Any donations over $10 will recieve a tax reciept.