Rideau Lakes Council and Village of Newboro Have Changes Coming in 2018

Rideau Lakes Township will have one less council member next year while the village of Newboro will merge with it's neighbor.

Councilors approved this move on Tuesday (January 3rd) at their regular meeting.

A vote stated Rideau Lakes Council will shrink from 10 members down to 9, with 8 councilors and 1 mayor.

The number of wards in the area was also reduced from 5 to 4 with Newboro now being merged with North Crosby to form a new ward to be renamed North Crosby–Newboro.

The move was made due to a 2016 report which stated the village of Newboro had one representative for a population of 381; While the other wards in the area (North Crosby, Bastard and South Burgess, South Elmsley and South Crosby) has 2 representatives for populations ranging from 3500 to more than 5000.

The changes will officially take effect during the 2018 municipal election.


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