Six Local Events Receive Extra Provincial Funding

MPP Steve Clark is thrilled about some provincial funding that will be contributing to 6 local events.

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport announced a total of $205,000 in funding.

Two Brockville events will receive funding with $50,000 coming to the Rails to Trails Festival in August and just over $34,000 coming to the 1000 islands Regatta in late June.

The event receiving the most funding is the Kemptville Line Music Festival which will get an extra $100,000.

The Kemptville Ribfest will get over $6600, The 1000 islands Nickel Cup in Gananoque will get just under $3500, while Loyalist Days in Prescott will receive just under $11,000.

This money is being made available as part of the 2017 Celebrate Ontario program.

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