SLC Joins Economic Development Commission

The economical partnership between municipalities along the 401 got a new member.

St Lawrence College will now be joining the St Lawrence Economic Development Commission.

The college joins Brockville, Prescott, Edwardsburgh-Cardinal, Augusta, Elizabethtown-Kitley, Front of Yonge and Leeds and Thousand Islands.

The college’s president or vice-president will take part in board meetings, though the college will only receive a non-voting membership, any decisions will be left with the area and industry reps.

The non-profit alliance was incorporated back on June 30th, with the municipalities signing on to a three year commitment.

The final board will have 14 voting members, half being the seven mayors from the area while the other seven will be business and industry representatives.

The hope is the commission will be up and running by January of 2018.