Snowbirds Flying Over Sabre Jet Memorial

The re-dedication ceremony for the Golden Hawk Saber Jet is set for Friday morning.

The ceremony is being held to mark the end of the first phase of the monument's restoration project.

The show plans to follow the original ceremony that went on when the Golden Hawk went in 50 years ago.

But with one difference: there's a special, rather loud, guest coming by.

The Canadian Snowbirds will fly past at 11am - sharp, says CF86 Sabre Memorial Restoration Committee Chair Matt Wren.

"They're going to fly right down the river. So I don't know what the people in Morrisburg will think when that happens without warning," jokes Wren. "They're going to pass the city, do a turn, and do a second pass over Brockville at the end of the ceremony."

"And I'm told when they say the Snowbirds will be here for 11am, they will be here at 11am," he laughs.

The Snowbirds are the successors of Canada's first aerobatic flying team the Golden Hawks. "The committee says they are delighted that they will be honouring our veterans and our city in this special way."

The ceremony is at Blockhouse Island starting at 10am.

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