Spaghetti Dinner For Palliative Care A Success

A little freezing rain and ice pellets couldn't keep residents away from doing some good, and getting their Luna spaghetti.

Luna Pizzeria says they raised approximately $3,500 during their Spaghetti Night for Palliative Care Telethon.

Manager Nicholas Kafenzakis says even though the numbers are down a bit from last year, they're still high enough to be proud.

"It was pretty bad out there but we also did take out, that went really well," he says. "We also filled up the restaurant a couple times, considering how bad it was out there."

Another $828 was raised from the 50/50 draw, when the winner then gave his winnings back to the cause.

The funds raised at the $10 spaghetti dinner will be donated to the 2019 30 Hour Telethon for Palliative Care which will take place Saturday, February 23 and Sunday, February 24, and aired on YourTV.

Kafenzakis says it’s a great cause.

“We know people are going to need that service at some point, whether it’s for themselves or a loved one,” he explains. “I want to thank everyone who came out.”

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