St Lawrence College Prepares For Possible Faculty Strike

There is a real possibility students at Brockville's St Lawrence College will be unable to attend class for an unforeseen amount of time.

The union representing college faculty across Ontario broke off talks with the College Employer Council on Tuesday (October 10th) after their final offer to avoid a strike was rejected.

The final offer included a 7.75% salary increase as well as increased benefits and more freedom for faculty members to choose their own workload.

A press release from the college revealed the campus will remain open with most services operating as usual should a strike occur.

Computer labs, study spaces and meeting rooms will still be available for student use.

Residence, gyms  and student government facilities will also remain open.

In the event of a strike, all classes in full-time academic programs will be suspended which includes clinical and field placements as well as apprenticeship training.

Field trips and special events on campuses will be cancelled.

A strike deadline has been set for next Monday (October 16th) at 12:01AM.

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