St Lawrence To Take on More Water To Help Lower Lake Ontario

The St Lawrence will be taking on more water in an effort to reduce flooding for Lake Ontario.

As part of an emergency measure that begins today (June 14th), more water from Lake Ontario will flow into the St. Lawrence River than ever before.

 This is all part of a  flood-reducing strategy that will be taking place over the next three days on a trial basis.

At a meeting on Monday (June 12th), the International Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Board agreed to increase the flow rate over the Moses-Saunders Power Dam near Cornwall from 10,200 to 10,400 cubic metres a second.

That’s the equivalent of four Olympic-sized swimming pools draining into the St Lawrence every second.

Due to the increase of outflow, the currents in the St. Lawrence River will increase.

Boaters should be cautious of the extreme conditions.

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