Students Getting Into Ont. Elections

Students at the Commonwealth Public School are having their say about who they want to see win the election.

They're part of over 300,000 elementary and secondary students, representing over 100 ridings in the province, that are casting a ballot for their riding in mock elections.

It's all part of Student Vote Ontario, which aims to teach the kids about the election process.

Grade 6 students Savir and Draven say it's built off classes they've taken throughout the year.

"We've also watched some of the candidates campaign video's on Youtube," says Draven, 11. "And we've found out more about what they actually want to do, and what their parties like."

"We've used many websites, such as TVO and the Canadian Encycopedia and stuff like that," says Savir. "It feels like my vote is very important and it feels like i know what to do if I had to vote."

Today is the last day for students to cast their ballots, the results will be revealed on Thursday night after the polls close.