Survivor in Sexomnia Case Says She’s Disappointed In Legal System

Bekah D'Aoust is staying focused as the 'Sexomnia' case continues to drag on.

On Thursday, Ryan Hartman was released on bail pending his latest appeal.

Speaking to JRfm News, Bekah says she had a rough time immediately following the bail hearing, but is feeling more positive.

"Even if in the end, he is granted this appeal and he does get a stay of proceedings, the world knows what he looks like now. They know he's guilty and he can't hide from that anymore," says Bekah.

"So really we've all won, and he can't take that away from us."

38-year-old Hartman, from the Brockville area, was convicted in November when his “sexsomnia” defence was thrown out. Hartman says he was sleeping when he attacked her and wasn't aware what he was doing eight years ago.

When that defence was rejected, he filed an application in January under the Jordan ruling that his rights had been violated because of so many delays. That was thrown out and in March, Hartman was handed a 12 month sentence.

Hartman and his new lawyer are appealed the latest decision, saying the judge should not have tossed the Sexomnia defence or his Jordan application. He's been granted bail as the courts hear the application.

"The judge’s decision to release him just blew me out of the water. I was just so appalled," said Bekah. "Right now I'm very disappointed in our legal system."

As this continues, and in the future, Bekah will continue to fight, and work as an advocate.

"I followed through with everything, I did what I could do to see justice. And now that that's over, I'd love to see justice for other victims," she said.

"I don't know what that looks like yet, but being strong and being a voice for them is something I'm completely honoured to do."