The Long Awaited Re-Opening of Canada's Oldest Railway

Arguably the biggest event of the weekend will take place Saturday morning (August 12th) when Canada's oldest railway tunnel will be re-opened.

The opening parade will begin at 10:30am at Court House Square. The opening ceremony will take place immediately following the parade around 11:45am In front of the south portal of the Railway Tunnel.

As part of the renovations, the tunnel will run a dynamic "Philips Light Show" each day.

Residents will also be able to request custom lightshows to support events held within the tunnel and at the waterfront. 

The reopening ceremony will officially bring an end to phase one of the renovation.

 Phase two proposes redevelopment of the former Grand Trunk Railway lands west of the Tunnel, south of the CN corridor, with a proposed new Roundhouse-style visitors centre and tour bus parking area, and various improvements proposed for Sifton Price Park, south of the Tunnel.

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