Time To Get The Flu Shot, Says Local Health Unit

The local health unit is reminding residents that it's time to get the flu shot.

The Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit encourages residents to get the free flu shots. You can also get them done at your doctors office, or at a local pharmacies in Ontario.

Public Health Nurse Lisa Miller says it doesn't just protect you, but also those who can't get one.

"Babies under the age of 6 months aren't able to receive the flu vaccine," she says. "But they would be at high risk if they developed influenza.

They'd be at higher risk to develop it and any complications just from getting the flu."

Miller says there are a lot of misconceptions about the flu shot. One of the biggest resons people say they won’t get one is that they think they can get sick from it.

That’s not true, says Miller.

"The virus, the strains that the flu shot helps to work to protect against, those have been killed before they've been used to make the vaccine."

Miller says sometimes people will get mild flu-like symptoms tired and achy in the hours following the shot, but that's nothing compared to the full influenza virus.

“If you developed the actual flu, the body aches would be more severe, tiredness can last for weeks afterwards too.”

For people 5 years and older, all a resident needs to get the flu shot at a pharmacy is their health card. If you don’t have a health card the Health Unit says you can contact them directly.