United Counties Emergency Services Pleads for More Money to Deal with Uptick in Obese Patients

The United Counties chief of Emergency services have asked for some financial help due to the growing trend of obesity in the country.

Chris Lloyd used stats to show Canadians are getting fatter in an effort to convince council to shell out $150,000 for three power-assisted stretchers to make life for his paramedics a bit easier.

He brought up some stats which show Canadian men in the 90th percentile now weigh an average of 228 lbs.

Lloyd compared this to the paramedic fitness tests in the 1980's where participants were only expected to lift a 165 lb person to pass.

He described that paramedics travel in teams of two but sometimes patients can weigh 400 to 500 pounds with the added weight of a  60- or 80-pound stretcher.

Lloyd believes the added strain has led to an uptick in paramedic injuries.

This was enough to convince council to vote in favor of providing the money for the new power-assisted stretchers.

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