United In Fundraising For Leeds & Grenville

 The United Way fall campaign is facing an uphill battle in their bid to raise $825,000 dollars.

Executive Director Trish Buote although that's the same number they brought last year, the campaign now faces a unique challenge.

"This year we're down by $160,000 because of the changes in the work place environment," she says. "Although it seems like it's the usual target, we actually have to earn an additional $160,000."

Buote says she's not deterred and they charity is feeling confident.

"We're actively focused, we have a campaign cabinet that's going to work on a couple key areas that are going to help fill the gap and we're going to work hard at that."

Proctor and Gamble is one of those companies not contributing to a usual level, but they certainly still brought a major donation of over $60,000.

That will go to the many programs the United Way Leeds Grenville supports in the community like, youth services.

The fall campaign goes up to mid-December. Last year the campaign raised $827,000 by December 22, 2017.

One of the first unique upcoming fundraising events will be a Gord Brown Memorial Night in November to raise money for an arena in Gananoque.

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