UPDATE: Parent Sends Out Warning After Finding Used Needle In Park

One Brockville mom is sharing her story of finding a used needle as a warning to other parents.

Nicole Madden says she found a needle on the ground at Hardy Park last Friday when heading out with her 8 and 11-year-old.

"It's really scary. I knew there's not the best things going on downtown sometimes, but this was something at a children’s park and I was in complete disbelief when I found it," she says. "I would never want my children to pick that up so we had a lengthy discussion when we got home about it."

Also a nurse at the Brockville Hospital, she says the other moms in her local Facebook group have said they too have found it to be a problem.




The 32-year-old says parents should talk to their kids.

"If you ever see anything on the ground that you don't know what it is at all, do not touch anything. Immediately tell a parent," says Madden. "It could be anything from a needle to medication, anything you don't want your kids touching."

This has prompted a warning from police who are encouraging parents to take a look at where kids are playing.

Police say not to touch the needles if you do find them and to report anything dangerous you find.



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