Vanessa Hudgens Credits Céline Dion For Her Vocal Range

Vanessa Hudgens will be hosting this Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards along with co-host Ludacris. But it’s not the “Southern Hospitality” rapper that Hudgens is excited about – she wants to meet French-Canadian jewel, Céline Dion.

Hudgens admitted she grew up listening to the singer, who will be performing “My Heart Will Go On” as a celebration of its 20th anniversary. 

“My parents had The Colour of My Love album by Céline Dion when I was growing up and I would always get my karaoke machine and sing along,” Hudgens, 28, told People in an interview. “I feel like Céline is the reason I have the range that I have, because I sang along to those songs.”

Asked what Hudgens was most nervous about hosting the awards in Vegas Sunday, she replied, “Maybe not freaking out at Céline, that’s probably it,” Hudgens said. “The fact that Céline and Cher are both performing on the same awards show, I feel like it doesn’t get more epic than that.”

The Billboard Music Awards air live on Sunday at 8pm ET on CTV.

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