War Amps Sending Out Annual Key Tags

Residents in Leeds Grenville can expect to get the War Amps key tags in the mail starting Monday.

James Jordan says that a big misconception about the tags is that you have to make a donation or call to activate it.

"It's ready to go, just pop it on your key chain," he explains. "And if you ever lose your keys, the person who finds them can just call the 1-800-number on the back, or just put them in the mailbox, and we'll get them back to whoever lost them."

Over 13,000 keys were returned to Canadian residents last year. Shipping your keys back to you is free of charge.

Jordan says if you do decide to make a donation, it makes a big difference. He says he experienced it firsthand as an amputee himself who grew up using the War Amps child amputee program.

"These artificial limbs are quite expensive," he explains. "It really takes the burden off the shoulders of the parents who can't afford that."

The War Amps was founded by amputee war veterans returning home from the First World War. It celebrated 100 years of service last year and provides financial, educational help for veterans, adults and children who need artificial limbs.