Water Park Concerns Need To Wait For Next Steps: Mayor

There seems to be opposition, to the opposition of a possible Augusta Water Park.

On Monday, council was presented with an 82-name petition against what could become Aqua World, a 175,000 sq. foot indoor waterpark.

Those opposed to its construction live around the area, off the 401 near Prescott where it would be build, citing concerns about water quality and traffic congestion.

Mayor Doug Malanka says he has total respect for those who have signed the petition, but everyone needs to hear from the company building the waterpark first.

"As mayor and council, we need to take into account the broad needs of the region and the municipality," he says. "And simply stated we need the jobs."

As for water quality questions, Malanka says that provincial and federal regulations wouldn't allow for it to be built if a study found that to be the case.

He sees it as a large gain for the area.

"We'd become a tourism destination centre, and you'd have a location where people will purposely travel." says Malanka. "Tourism assets such as Fort Wellington, the Aquatarium, and the many other things that are here to be seen and enjoyed - it acts as an even bigger draw to that."

After the news broke of the petition some residents took to social media to voice frustration that that number of names could derail a plan for what they see is a positive in the community.

Malanka says that the next steps would be to hear from the developer Stefano Ferrante. The plan would be to build a 200-unit resort hotel. It would hold amenities like an indoor waterpark, spa, convention centre and five restaurants.