What's Open And Closed In Brockville This Labour Day

It's the last long weekend of summer -- and that means confusing store hours. Here are a few things you need to know. It's also a holiday in the United States, so expect closures over the border.



Metro on Kings St. is open 9am until 6pm.

The Great Canadian Superstore will be open until 6pm - with the pharmacy having reduced hours, and opening at 10am.

The Walmart will be open as usual throughout the weekend.

LCBO will be closed on the holiday Monday.


Around Town:

If you're heading to the YMCA they close at 2pm.

City Hall will remain closed for the day.

You're garbage will be picked up one day later than usual throughout the week.

At the Brockville, out-patient services like labratory work clinics, and day surgerys will return to their normal hours on Tuesday, while X-rays and other emergency services will be open and not impacted.

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