Willy Wonka Opens At The Brockville Theatre

Live in a world of 'Pure Imagination' as Willy Wonka debuts at the Brockville Arts Centre this evening.

The cast features mostly local actors from the Brockville area.

It's is based off the Gene Wilder version of the story, and over 1000 tickets have been sold already.

Stage Director Stephanie Hutton says that the play has had a lot of support from the community because of how popular the story is.

"It's just one of those timeless stories that a lot of people can connect to and it's nostalgic. Really the bottom line is it's super entertaining," she says.

The score won't be just the songs you're used to hearing from the film.

"There's 11 original songs. It's one of those musicals where it's heart warming, you're going to leave feeling happy," says Hutton. "You're going to leave singing the songs as your leaving the theatre. Just a really good entertaining piece."

The first show kicks off tonight at 7:30 and run until saturday.

Tickets can be purchased on the Brockville Arts Centre website.

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