Winners of Brockville's 2017 Ribfest Announced

The results from Brockville's 2017 Ribfest

1ST – Crabby
2nd – Jack the Ribber
3rd – Ribs Royal

1ST – Jack the Ribber
2nd – Billy Bones
3rd – Ribs Royal

Bill Rogerson – Executive Director, Aquatarium
Councillor Jason Barlow – Twsp. Elizabethtown Kitley
Paster Jonathan Zinck – The Pier Church, Brockville Police Service Chaplain

2017 Peoples Choice Winners:
BEST RIBS –Silver Bullet
BEST SAUCE – Silver Bullet
BEST CHICKEN – Silver Bullet

  • A Visitor from Far Away

    Last month, telescopes detected an object traveling through the solar system that came from outside of it. It's already one its way out so it was a short visit.
  • Incredible water bottle tricks

    These videos are not faked. Now, do they show you that one take that worked out of 50 tries? Yeah, probably!
  • 3 cubic meters of wasps

    That clicking sound as the wasps try to attack the camera... Just close the door and set fire to the whole thing, man!