Wynne Is What's Best: Henderson

David Henderson is addressing the elephant in the room

And that’s his own Ontario Liberal Party Leader Kathleen Wynne.

Henderson says, he stands by her record, and that’s why he's in the race.

"We know that Kathleen Wynne is not the most liked person out there. But her record hasn't had scandals over the last four years, she's fought to get the deficit down, she's negotiated hard with many parties," he says. "And now there's a plan to put the programs and spending in place that we need."

Speaking on The Bruce Wylie Show with Kimberley Johnson, Henderson says he understands the Liberals are in third place provincially, but locally says he’s hearing it comes down to the PC's and Liberals.

He says he has never seen the issues so "polarized" in his lifetime. 

Henderson claims the Progressive Conservative’s plan will hurt the province. He says they've laid out "$10-billion in potential cuts, a plan that doesn't add up, [and] have multiple scandals that keep coming out," while the NDP plan is to "pile up the programs and implement taxes right away."

Henderson says the Liberal's spend plan's include on social programs and infrastructure, which means bringing workers like doctors to the area.

Without proper funding to social programs Henderson says the area will stagnate.

"These things cost money. If you cut that money out we do not get those cheques here."