WATCH: Police search for suspect in "violent" gas station robbery

Toronto Police are looking for a person who allegedly took a gas station robbery one step further, turning into a robbery and vicious assault.

It played out on June 13th, just after four in the morning at a gas station near Front and Sherbourne. According to police,  the man was wearing a baseball hat with a hoodie pulled tight around his face.

Once inside the store, he pulled a knife and jumped over the counter, threatening the clerk.

He opened the cash drawer and was ordered to lay on the floor, which he did.

After pulling money from the cash register, police say the suspect then violently stomped on the head of the employee several times, knocking him out.

The victim suffered injuries that include a fractured skull, a broken orbital bone and cuts and bruises to his face. He's now recovering from his injuries.

The suspect is decribed as black, mid 20s, 5'8" - 5'10" with a muscular build, wearing a dark hoodie with a silver zipper, black "Chuck Taylor" style running shoes and black gloves.