Local YouTuber pulls the plug on 24 Hour Challenge videos

Jay Station has put an end to his 24 Hour Challenge videos.

Ottawa Police said they are looking into the videos that show the man hiding out at TD Place, in a Kanata gym and at a bowling alley overnight.

Police are now consulting with the Crown's office and provincial prosecutors to see what charges can be laid.

In a video posted to YouTube on Thursday night Jay Station apologized to police for his actions.

He also vowed not to make any more videos but admitted that he had already filmed a Halloween edition of the 24 Hour Challenge that he planned to post.

Jay Station said that he was alerted to the fact that police were looking in to his videos by friends who saw him on the news.

"Basically after I did my 24 hours at the gym and 24 hours at bowling, the police were notified about it and somehow the news got a hold of it and now I'm all over the news guys," he said in his most recent video.

The Ottawa Police are stressing that the videos are dangerous and that they will charge people caught inside buildings after hours.