Anti-Islam outburst on OC Transpo bus caught on camera

**WARNING: This story contains offensive language**


It was a bus ride Jawad Ghandour will never forget.


The Lisgar Collegiate student says he was riding the 97 late last month when a man started shouting obscenities at another passenger.


Ghandour alleges that the man also slapped someone across the face before he started yelling.


That's when he decided to take out his phone and capture the incident.


"I was really shocked," Ghandour explained. "I never thought something like this could happen in the capital of Canada. I have no words for it."


The man is seen with his back to the camera shouting "Expletive Islam, you are not welcome in this country" and "if you want to fight, we have a bus load of expletives that fight with us, come to the front of the bus muzzy"


The driver is heard telling the man to get off the bus.


As the man goes to leave he shouts - "The race war is coming!"


Staff Superintendent for the Transit Special Constables unit, Gord Robinson explained that he was apalled by the video and that they took action immediately.


"Right now, we're presently investigating the complete video," Robinson explained. "One good news story is that we have identified a person of interest in the video."


Special Constables are still conducting interviews and he said it's too soon to say whether or not charged could be laid.


Ottawa Police are aware of the video but say the investigation is being conducted by OC Transpo at this time.


FULL Video here:

(WARNING: Video contains offensive language)



Video courtesy of Jawad Ghandour and O'Town Productions.