Bay Ward Councillor calls for stronger enforcement against pot shop

A city councillor is calling on the police chief to crack down on a pot dispensary that has seen a recent string of robberies.

In an open letter, issued Thursday, Bay Ward Councillor Mark Taylor says he is concerned about the ongoing illegal activities at the Canna Green shop on McEwen Avenue.

Taylor says the City is "turning a blind eye" because marijuana legalization is around the corner.

The Canna Green shop has been robbed three times in the last two months.

In the letter, Taylor says the shop is illegal and should be treated as such .

And he calls on the police chief to do more when it comes to enforcement.

On behalf of concerned residents on McEwen and area I have written to Chief Bordeleau about Canna Green - please see below #Bayward #Ottawa

— Mark Taylor (@Go_Taylor) August 17, 2017